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Merry meet and welcome to my site dedicated to wicca spells and many other types of magick spells.

No matter whether you’ve got many years of experience or if you are new to the craft, I am sure you will find something of interest on these pages because unlike most other wiccan sites, this one is specifically dedicated wicca spells. I have specifically not included all the usual info such as “what is wicca” or ” the wiccan rede” or any of that stuff. This site is all about the magick and spells of wicca!

I have tried to categorise everythung according to the most popular types of spells, but there is a bit of everything so if you don’t see the spell you need immediatly, just do a quick search.

I admit that most of the spells on these pages, wiccan and otherwise, aren’t my own. They are automatically pulled from a huge variety of sources across the internet and at the moment there is still a fair ammount of unrelated junk coming through but I am constantly working on tightening up the filters so that hopefully soon all you will see are the best, most powerful and most effective wicca spells known :-)

Since you found this site, I am assuming that you already know at least a little about spell work so I won’t add all the usual warnings and stuff. You know the rules, so use these spells wisely and responsibly.

Blessed be.


Wicca Spells Home Page
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